Pick Up your orders purchased from our partner Farm Vendors this Saturday Noon-4pm. Park in a Numbered Space in the "UNC N-1" Lot on W. Rosemary St across from Tate Realty in Chapel Hill.

Upon Arrival:

Text your Name & Parking Space # to 919-391-0322.

Order from a farm directly on their website for fresh produce, select us as your pick up location!

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Reverence Farms
Meats,eggs, milk, meals, veggies
South Wind Produce
Seasonal produce, transplants
Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.46.16
Maple Springs Gardens
Seasonal Produce, transplants, medicinal herbs
Humble Umbel Farm
Seasonal produce, transplants, herbs, bouquets
Mighty Tendril Farm
Seasonal produce, cut flowers
Dawnbreaker Farm
Sustainable meats

OC Food Collective

Hosted by Boro Beverage Co.

400 W. Rosemary St

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Tel: 919-391-0322

IG: @ocfoodcollective


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